Every morning will literally be Christmas morning when Kimmy Schmidt returns for Season 2 on Netflix.

The Tina Fey-created sitcom, which follows a doomsday cult survivor's adventures in a post-fallout bunker world, will find unlikely optimist Kimmy hard at work in a year-round Christmas shop. In the trailer above, Kimmy delights in the prospect of making a hard-earned buck while dressed as an elf, but that's just the tip of the rose-colored iceberg: there's viral pet videos to screen, dates with cute strangers to lock down and trips through Times Square among off-brand Muppets to take. It's enough to make you say I guess I'm glad the world didn't end.

In July 2015, Fey told a crowd at the Television Critics Association Press Tour that Kimmy will have to contend with some new challenges before she can commit to exclusively chasing rainbows and singing lullabies.

"[Kimmy] would love to put [the cult] behind her, but some new obstacles may present themselves before she can go on and live a fully realized life," Fey said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "She's sort of in a big hurry to get everything she wanted out of life and hitting some speed bumps along the way."

Check out the trailer for new episodes above, and tune in to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 on April 15 on Netflix.

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