Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels has an address book that's spilling over with Hollywood's elite, but we think it might be time for him to consider making some cold calls.

Yesterday, the show announced its first three hosts for its upcoming 41st season—among them, comedy wunderkind and first-timer Amy Schumer. Considering all she's achieved this year (a Peabody Award, an Emmy nomination and a starring role in a movie she wrote), it's a wonder she hasn't yet hosted. But Hollywood's big, wide world is full of SNL virgins, and there's no reason they should continue to be overlooked just so Alec Baldwin can extend his record of host-frequency.

What's great about the show is that it doesn't exclusively cater to comedians when choosing hosts—athletes, musicians, models and even politicians (looking at you, John McCain) have taken turns handling the SNL reigns, which proves that as long as you've got a functioning funny bone, you've got a shot. And in 2015, there are plenty of celebrities whom Lorne Michaels should consider dialing up ASAP. Between Titus Burgess, Serena Williams and Kelly Clarkson, the bullpen has plenty of fresh talent that's ready to take the mound.

Check out our list, tell us who you'd like to see assume the role of host and be sure to check out the SNL premiere on October 3!

  • Ellie Kemper

    Kemper wasn't nominated for an Emmy for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in her role as the titular mole woman-turned-nanny, and it's as big a snub as they come. Plus, her Bridesmaids co-stars included a handful of SNL alums, so she'd have plenty of advice on what makes a successful host.

  • Serena Williams

    Tom Brady's done it. Peyton Manning's done it. Charles Barkley has done it. Where are all the female athletes on SNL? Williams has got personality to spare and she's one of sports' most dominant figures — we're willing to bet she'd jump at the chance to spread her wings on SNL.

  • Tony Hale

    It's hard to best a role as funny as Arrested Development's Buster Bluth, but somehow, Hale's managed to as Selina Meyer's bag boy on Veep, a role that's won him an Emmy. With this guy at the SNL-helm, the laughs would be guaranteed.

  • Abbi Jacobson

    SNL might typically favor the in-your-face humor of Ilana Glazer, but that's why her subtler Broad City co-star, Abbi Jacobson, might make for a more interesting and colorful host. She's understated and quietly sarcastic, but is more than capable of stealing scenes all the same.

  • Raven-Symone

    These days, the former child star makes waves as a co-host of The View, but her experience is rooted in comedy. True, That's So Raven may have been written for children, but the actress' comic chops transcended the typical Disney routine. Raven's physical comedy and perfect timing would make her an ideal SNL host, and one that would likely be asked back.

  • Titus Burgess

    Pinot Noir. That's all that needs to be said here, and it should be plenty.

  • Anna Chlumsky

    No one can steal the limelight away from the genius Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Veep, but Chlumsky plays a very convincing second fiddle as the Vice President/President's hilariously stern chief of staff. Chlumsky's earned three consecutive Emmy nominations for the role of Amy, and it's no coincidence—her quick wit and cleverness would make for a very smart SNL installment.

  • Kelly Clarkson

    Sure, even Kelly squirms at the memory of From Justin to Kelly, but she's proven time and time again that she's a natural comedian. Her concerts double as off-the-cuff standup routines, and she's already proven—as a musical guest who appeared in sketches—that she can hang with the SNL big dogs.

  • Jeffrey Tambor

    He was an embittered, introverted white collar criminal on Arrested Development, but now, as Transparent's "Moppa," he's getting praise for spreading his wings in his portrayal of a late-in-life trans woman. Someone who's got his balance of dramatic and comedic training would make for a truly extravagant SNL episode.

  • Greta Gerwig

    One of mumblecore's pioneers, Gerwig is the type who can make audiences laugh with a simple twist of inflection, and her latest flick, Mistress America, is a shining example of her oddball humor. SNL hasn't typically favored her type of comedy, which is all the more reason the show should consider her as a future host.

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