If football is a way of life, Varsity Blues is officially experiencing a rebirth — the cult favorite movie is making its way back to TV.

The 1999 film, which follows a high school football team in West Canaan, Texas, will be adapted for a CMT series, Deadline reported yesterday (August 16). James Van Der Beek, Paul Walker and Ali Larter starred in the original story and W. Peter Iliff, who wrote the movie, is penning the new project's script.

The story follows Van Der Beek's Jonathon "Mox" Moxon, who's thrust into the role of West Canaan High School's starting quarterback when Walker's Lance Harbor suffers major injury to his knee. Mox pretty much hates life in Texas, though, and though he feels pressure to satisfy his football-fanatic father, he's ultimately looking to leave his hometown behind, a point he makes very clear when he utters the iconic "I don't want your life."

The movie is, of course, also responsible for this:


And longtime fans of the movie seem to be pretty excited at the prospect of tossing around the pigskin once more. Many tweeted endorsements of a second Varsity Blues go-around, though a few pointed out that the similar Friday Night Lights might already have the market cornered.

Also Regina George is going to be PUMPED.


Excited to see Varsity Blues make its way to TV? Tell us if you'll tune in.

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