With the 2012 Summer Jam fiasco involving Nicki Minaj fading into the back of our minds, now comes an old footage of a bizarre stunt Nas was hoping to pull off during his own show at Summer Jam 10 years prior.

In 2002, Nas was embroiled in a heated lyrical war with Jay-Z who, in 2001, performed the classic diss song 'Takeover' at Summer Jam, touting Nas' demise in rap. Later, Nas decided to up the ante and perform his Jay-Z diss song 'Ether' at Summer Jam in 2002. On top of that, he was going to lynch a fake Hov in effigy while he was performing the song. WTF?

As incredulous as it sounds, this was no joke. Proof of that is this creepy video that we spotted on Rap Radar, which shows the animatronic doll of Jay-Z complete with rubbery skin and make up. The special-effects creators detailed exactly how they were going to set up the fake hanging on the Summer Jam stage. It's an astounding video to watch.

When Hot 97 caught wind of Nas' stunt they quickly shut him down, maybe rightfully so. Angered by the organizers' decision, Nas went to rival station Power 105.1 and delivered his now infamous radio rant.

Thankfully, Nas and Jay-Z buried the hatchet and performed together at Power 105.1's Powerhouse: Operation Takeover event in 2005.

Can you imagine what the outcome would have been if Nas was able to pull that stunt off in 2002? Looking back, we are glad that someone at Hot 97 had the cojones to not let Nas carry out his plan.

Watch Nas 'Hang' Jay-Z at Summer Jam 2002 Video