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"Transitioning" opens with a powerhouse performance of Bon Jovi’s "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Vocal Adrenaline. While Will thoroughly enjoys the perks of coaching the usual show choir winners, he misses the camaraderie of the New Directions. As he expresses his concerns to Emma, they meet a yoke-drenched Rachel and Blaine, who have just been egged hardcore by Will’s glee charges. Angered by their behavior, Will’s lesson for the week is tolerance. He kicks off the performances by (awkwardly) rapping Macklemore’s "Same Love," accompanied by the return of Unique, who steals the show as always.

Back at McKinley, Coach Beiste returns as a man named Sheldon and is greeted with open arms from Sam and Sue. A distressed Rachel tells Sam that her dads have successfully sold her childhood home. Worried about their friend, Sam and Kurt devise a plan to fix Rachel’s dilemma. After school, Coach Beiste’s first day back is ruined when he returns to his car to find it covered in jockstraps and the words "Coach Tranny." Whodunnit, you ask? None other than the nasty members of Vocal Adrenaline, of course.

Will is called into the McKinley principal’s office by Coach Beiste and Sue, who inform him that his kids have vandalized Sheldon’s car. Will is appalled. Back in practice, the New Directions surprise Rachel with this week’s lesson: Transitioning. They inform her that they are all throwing her a "farewell to childhood" party Friday night in the basement of her soon-to-be-sold house. Using Artie’s creation, the Wheel of Musical Fortune, duets are randomly assigned for each member to perform at the farewell party. Mercedes and newbie Roderick team up, and through cheating of his own, Kurt and Blaine plan a Klaine duet. You’re welcome, Gleeks. Sam and Spencer offer to literally kill Vocal Adrenaline, but after one hell of a pep talk, Coach Beiste puts his players back in place.

At Carmel High, Will reprimands his students, but they refuse to listen. Instead, Clint rips into Will, calling him a loser and a joke. To Clint’s astonishment, Will kicks him off of the team. That night, Will expresses his concerns to Emma again, who reassures him that it is more important for him to be the best role model possible for their son than to stay in a secure job. At Rachel’s basement party, Mercedes and Roderick kick off the night with a powerfully sassy rendition of Meghan Trainor’s smash "All About They Bass." The New Directions get jiggy, and the party officially begins. Sam and Rachel sneak off to Rachel’s room and reminisce about the old times in glee club as they stare at her picture wall. They share a small, sweet kiss … then go at it as we cut to commercial.

We return to the party with a Klaine duet to Betty Who’s "Somebody Loves You," and it is undeniably adorable. Outside, Kurt and Blaine reminisce, but Blaine seals the conversation with a kiss to the pleasant surprise of the exes. Blaine awkwardly leaves while Rachel and Sam appropriately sing Cyndi Lauper’s hit "Time After Time," one of my personal favorites. In true Glee montage fashion, Rachel’s friends help her assemble a scrapbook for all of her glee club photos while packing away her belongings and officially moving her into adulthood. That night at McKinley, Coach Beiste is pep-talked about her transition by Unique. Coach Beiste reveals he has no regrets except that he wishes he did not have to go through his new journey alone; Unique assures him he is not.

In Vocal Adrenaline practice, Will finds a reinstated Clint and tells his team that he has a prank to end all pranks if they accompany him to McKinley later that night. Back at their apartment, Karofsky confronts Blaine about his odd behavior and discovers the truth he knew all along: Blaine is still in love with Kurt. Karofsky kindly convinces Blaine to follow his heart back to his other half. In a dramatic slow-mo through the halls of McKinley, Blaine finds Kurt in the choir room with none other than old-timer Walter, who is double dating with Rachel and Sam. In the auditorium, Will leads Vocal Adrenaline into a trap. Unique steps out on stage and sings "I Know Where I’ve Been" from Hairspray to the bully glee club, complete with a choir of allies for Coach Beiste. To the astonishment of Vocal Adrenaline, Will quits on the spot.

The next day, Will tells Rachel and Kurt how proud of them he truly is. To his surprise, his old students offer him a job assisting them in coaching the New Directions. The three kindly discuss next week’s lesson plan as we fade to black.

Next week’s Brittana wedding episode is bound to be a ball, as the promos show us just a snippet of Gloria Estefan. Till next week, Gleeks.

– Rilan

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