"Chemical" singer Rilan – who’s also part of the Warblers on Glee this season — is watching Glee every week and writing recaps of each episode exclusively for PopCrush! Below is his take on the latest episode of 2015. Stay tuned to PopCrush for more Glee guest columns from the rising pop artist.

It was a Glee-ful wedding this week, and it was full of beautiful insanity.

Brittany’s mom surprises her daughter, Santana, Artie and Santana’s mom (played by Gloria Estefan), saying that the wedding will take place in the barn where Brittany was born. Yup, that’s right -- where she was born. While helping Brittany clean out her newly selected venue, Kurt calms her nerves and tells her that his dad, Burt Hummel, will gladly initiate the wedding.

While wedding dress shopping with Tina, Mercedes and Rachel, Brittana separately parade around in potential gowns as to not see each other before the day of their nuptials. Brittany finally finds the right dress, but Santana sees her. Brittany freaks out and goes into superstition overload. The next day while discussing the seating chart, Santana refuses to keep Sue on the guest list, worrying Rachel, Mercedes and Brittany about the potentially disastrous consequences of her removal. After discussing the truth with Walter, Kurt literally runs back to Blaine. After what seems like way too far into this season, Klaine confess their love to one another and officially get back together. Took long enough, guys.

Tina tells Artie, Puck, and Blaine that she plans on purposing to Mike at the wedding, even though they broke up quite some time ago. The boys advise her to follow her heart, and she happily thanks them. However, Artie seems noticeably uneasy about her decision. Sue confronts Santana about her lack of a wedding invitation and, in true Santana fashion, she gives Sue a piece of her mind that surprisingly, leaves even Sue speechless.

Wedding day arrives and, as expected, all of the New Directions, original and otherwise, look beautiful. Kurt and Blaine receive a heartfelt speech from Burt and his wife, Finn’s mom, of the beauty that is making mistakes in love and overcoming them together. After nearly losing her superstitious mind, Brittany is reassured by Santana that there is no bad luck when it comes to their love. They are truly meant to be together. It is quite the tearjerker of a conversation, if I do say so myself. And as usual, in the middle of a nearly perfect moment, Sue enters the scene and ruins it all, or so we think. But we are proven wrong when in walks Santana’s abuela, who admits that she was wrong about her refusal to attend her granddaughter’s wedding (with the help of some reverse Sue-cology).

Sue drags Kurt and Blaine into Brittany and Santana’s dressing rooms and surprises them with matching tuxes. Brittana and Sue try to force a joint marriage with Klaine. While Kurt hesitates, Blaine tries to convince his other half to take the crazy chance, and right then and there, we cut to commercial. How evil.

We return to Mercedes and Artie appropriately singing Etta James’ classic love song "At Last" as Kurt walks Brittany down the aisle and Blaine, Santana, to the pleasant shock of all attendees and the wedding party alike. Burt Hummel gives an initiation to end all wedding initiations. Then come the vows that are sure to give every Gleek a heavy dose of the feels, along with the "I Do"s and the exchanging of the rings. It is a real wedding, and it is crazy to think that after all these years of watching the love bloom season after season, it is finally solidified with the ultimate form of commitment. I can speak for us all in saying we couldn’t be happier.

At the reception, Brittany’s cuckoo father gives a strange, yet loving, toast to his daughter, and Artie starts the party with a performance of Outcast’s "Hey Ya!" that gets everyone on their feet. While alone, Tina purposes to Mike, but Mike declines, reassuring Tina to take things slow and keep her options and eyes open to the rest of the world. Tina tells Artie of the failed proposal, and if you ask me, he looks relieved. Back at the reception, Santana’s mom sings the Pointer Sisters’ "I'm So Excited" with the help of Brittany's, Blaine's and Finn’s moms, and the dance stylings of Brittany, Santana, Mercedes and Sugar. The moms seriously kill it and successfully embarrass their children, as all good mothers should.

Brittana and Klaine thank their guests and dedicate the final song of their wedding, "Our Day Will Come" by Ruby and the Romantics, to all of the couples. It’s a truly happy moment, and we can’t help but smile.

Reliving their weekly Tuesday lunches in the choir room, Artie and Tina discuss their breakup. The exes playfully make a pact to marry each other if they are both still single by 30. In the auditorium, Sue surprises both couples with a honeymoon. End episode.

Now that I’m full of fluff and warmth, I’m going to slowly ease myself back into reality. Till next Friday, Gleeks, this is your inside Warbler signing off.

– Rilan

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