"Chemical" singer Rilan – who’s also part of the Warblers on Glee this season — is watching Glee every week and writing recaps of each episode exclusively for PopCrush! Below is his take on the latest episode of 2015. Stay tuned to PopCrush for more Glee guest columns from the rising pop artist.

"Child Star" begins with Sue Sylvester brutally coaching fitness testing to Spencer, Roderick and new character Allister. While scolding Roderick for his lack of athleticism, Spencer grows a pair and attempts to flirt with Allister, unsuccessfully I might add.

Sue informs the superintendent that she needs his approval in nominating herself for the Principal of the Year Award. He agrees to sign off on one condition: His 13-year-old nephew, Myron, can get some performance pointers from the New Directions. Young Myron performs Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" with six dancers covered head-to-toe in gold lamé fringe. Quite the spectacle it is. And because Sue makes them do so, the glee club agrees to perform as Myron's opening act for his bar mitzvah extravaganza.

In the hallway, Jane and Mason almost agree to go on a Breadsticks date, but Madison interrupts. Mason spills his sorrows about Madison's overbearing nature to Roderick and Spencer, who offer no help. However, Spencer forces Roderick to work out with him after school to show Allister how kind and friendly he truly is. Funny. Rachel and Will discuss plans for Myron's party, and Will discovers that Rachel does not even know her glee club members. In an effort to band them together, Will and Rachel put the focus on the New Directions and ask them to group themselves and choose the songs to perform at the bar mitzvah. Mason tries to pair up with Jane, but is immediately swooped up by Madison. He concedes.

Sue reveals to her colleagues that she has been Myron's personal slave for three days, and forces the old glee club to be his backup dancers. Mason and Jane agree to switch partners and pair up, after they go out for pizza, of course. At the gym, Roderick storms out after Spencer verbally abuses him. Mason tells Madison that he will sing with Jane instead, and his twin makes one hell of a disapproving scene in the cafeteria. Jane witnesses and suggests to Mason that it would be better for everyone involved to stay in their original groups. While being ignored by Allister, Spencer sings the Cure's "Friday I'm In Love" in typical Glee montage fashion. When he finishes performing in glee club, Spencer publicly lashes out at Roderick, who equally fights back.

Myron's bar mitzvah arrives and Mason kicks off the night's performances with "I Want To Break Free" by Queen, and it's unapologetically directed at Madison and his new love interest, Jane. Billy Lewis slayed the vocals. Madison confronts her brother about her fear in losing him and the twins make up. It is pretty heartwarming, if you ask me. Myron gets stuck in his suspended "stage pod," and Spencer uses the opportunity to redeem himself and support Roderick in climbing the pulley system, releasing Myron, and saving the party. In his panic, Myron refuses to perform his solo number, and Jane, Spencer and Roderick save the day with one funky rendition of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk."

While the festivities continue, Sue lays into Will during their number's rehearsal and she breaks. Literally, she snaps, tackling Will the ground. In the choir room, Spencer finds Allister, who tells him that Roderick told him to come watch Spencer perform as he wouldn't want to miss it. Allister apologizes for ignoring him, and Spencer asks him to join the glee club. Just before Allister refuses, Spencer instantly kisses him, certainly sealing the deal and adding one new member to the New Directions. On stage, the New Directions, Sue, Will, Sheldon, Sam and Rachel back up Myron performing Ariana Grande and Zedd's smash "Break Free." From the reaction of the audience, it is safe to say that Myron's bar mitzvah was a hit.

Back at McKinley, Roderick thanks Spencer for having his back, and Spencer tells his new friend that he and Allister are finally going out. Sue informs Will and Rachel that Myron will join the New Directions because the superintendent deems it so. A livid Sue returns to her hellish hurt locker of a storage unit and states in overdub that she will ruin the glee club once and for all. Sounds familiar. Myron thanks Kitty (with money) for lending him her panties after soiling himself in panic while trapped his "stage pod." She gladly accepts and assures him that with a steady cash flow coming her way, he will always have a friend in glee club. In this week's final number, the New Directions sing an adorkable version of Echosmith's "Cool Kids." They are truly starting to become a unit, and it shows.

Next week's episode reveals some crazy news, including the return of the Warblers. See you folks next week on your television and back here on PopCrush! Till next week, this is your inside Warbler signing off.

- Rilan

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