Westworld Season 2 may have only premiered on Sunday (April 22), but the fan theories are already in full swing, and a new photo for the second episode may confirm a long-predicted twist.

In one of the images, Dolores (Rachel Evan Wood) can be seen gazing off into the distance while dressed in a sleek, white gown — a rather drastic departure from her usual western, prairie-themed attire. Viewers saw glimpses of this in the trailer, but this is the first full, official look, and it could signal some big reveals in Sunday's episode.

Redditors have speculated since last season that Dolores, like Bernard, is modeled after a real-life person. Some believe that she was made in the image of Arnold's dead wife, and that's why he was so intent on helping her achieve true consciousness — it would, in a way, bring his wife back to life — while others simply agree that she was made as a replica for a beloved relative of sorts.

Dolores translates to "pain" in Spanish, and multiple hosts have said something along the lines of, "the pain" — i.e. Dolores — is "all I have left of him/her/them." Plus, she's the oldest host in the park. It would make sense that Arnold and Ford would model one of their first creations after a real person, and would also explain why they've kept her around for so long.

Couple that with the revelation from Episode 1 that Delos executives have been secretly tracking guests' experiences and collecting their DNA, and it seems increasingly likely that Bernard isn't the only host based on a real person.

The photo, then, could be the first glimpse of the person Dolores is based on, either via a flashback, if said person is dead, or a peek into the outside world, where said person is still living freely (though since that would mean she hasn't aged for 35 years, the former is more probable). Of course, it could also tease a look into Futureworld, a sector of the park outside of Westworld and a nod to the original movie's 1976 sequel.

In any case, it's clear something big is brewing.

See more photos from the episode below. Westworld Season 2, Episode 2 airs Sunday, April 29 at 9 p.m. ET.

'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 2 Photos

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