One of the most iconic images we tend to see every Halloween season is that of the iconic orange pumpkin candy bucket. But what about those blue pumpkin candy buckets?

If you see someone carrying a blue pumpkin candy bucket, it likely means that the child is autistic.

In 2018, Alicia Plummer let everyone know that her autistic son would be carrying a blue pumpkin while he was out trick-or-treating. She did this because she wanted people to know that he might not make eye contact or talk. You can read her entire story here.

The blue pumpkin candy bucket has caught on and some stores have been selling blue pumpkins for autistic kids and adults. In fact, the blue Halloween bucket has become the unofficial symbol of awareness for autism and its misconceptions.

So this Halloween, if you see someone (kid or adult) with a blue bucket (Halloween or otherwise), now you'll know the special meaning behind it.

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