Welcome to the most appropriate Throwback Thursday poll of all time. In case you missed it, Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis grew up and out of his awkward phase which sent the entire world into a veritable maelstrom of shock and bewilderment, as though no one has ever witnessed someone blossom from below-average looks to slightly-above. He recently posed for some risque photos, similar to Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear campaign -- most of Matthew's clothing is not on his body. You can check out those borderline-NSFW photos on Mashable.

Matthew's swan-like transformation is nothing new, of course. The Internet has been crying about his newfound good looks for years. We here at PopCrush decided to take this opportunity and this particular set of photos to pit a few more Harry Potter men against each other in a battle of who's hottest now.

Daniel Radcliffe -- who played Harry Potter aka the hero of the series and, perhaps, an entire generation -- doesn't have the green eyes his character is supposed to but he did strip down naked when he starred in the horse play Equus. Tom Felton played Draco Malfoy and is, by all reports, the total opposite of his character -- he's apparently a really nice guy. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson -- who played the gone-too-soon Cedric Diggory -- became a heartthrob in his own right following the release of Twilight. 

Rupert Grint and the aforementioned Matthew Lewis round out the options -- Rupert with his love of vintage ice cream trucks and Matthew with his abs.

Would you make out with any of these Hollywood actors? Vote in our poll below and let us know who, exactly, catches your eye. Is the answer that none of them do? Because that's an option. Or perhaps you wouldn't say no to any of them -- lucky you, there's also a button for that.

Vote below. Do it for Dobby.

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