Will.i.am is set to headline a concert in Beijing to promote studying abroad in China. John Legend, the Bucky Johnson band and will.i.am's fellow Black Eyed Pea, apl.de.ap, will also perform.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the concert will be held Dec. 17. The show is being organized by the U.S. State Department and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. The concert will support the State Dept.'s 100,000 Strong Initiative -- the goal of which is to send 100,000 U.S. students to study in China.

Jackie Chan himself may make an appearance, as well as other Chinese and U.S. artists (though so far, only Legend, Bucky Johnson, and the two Peas are confirmed).

Other mysteries surround the concert as well. No venue is confirmed, tickets weren't on sale as of press time and given China's charity concert past, it's yet to be seen if this is a definite gig. The April 2010 Show for Peace was postponed then canceled, and the government pulled the plug on an Oasis concert in March 2009 because of Noel Gallagher's performance at a pro-Tibet concert.

Since this event is to promote studying abroad (and therefore tourism and its subsequent economic boost) within China, it would be foolish for the Chinese government to can it. Considering it's less than a month away, hopefully details emerge soon so fans can snag their tickets -- and an amazing educational experience.