Will.i.am is so dedicated to music that he's willing to risk ruining his electronic devices and dry-clean only suits to perform it, as he demonstrates in his new video for 'This Is Love.'The video opens with will.i.am at a piano outdoors, donning a spiffy red suit and black fedora with matching bow tie. There's a laptop beside him in which crowds on the screen scream, "Hell yeah" at his direction. It's also where we see his lovely hook girl, Eva Simons, in her punked-out glory.

Soon it starts raining on Will and his computer, but not on his parade. The party onscreen looks like a poppin' one, with masks, dancing, weird lights and a rave-meets-masquerade feel. Next, he's playing piano and rapping in the snow, accompanied by a trio of violinists. Appropriately, it's at this point that will.i.am proclaims his love for violins and cellos, as well as “the computer beats, harder than metal.

Simons joins him for the final chorus, flanked by pyrotechnics and sparks. Her gorgeous face and giant mohawk close out the clip. Simons and Will never actually appear together on screen at the same time (except when she's on his laptop screen), so it appears that the duo may have filmed their parts separately.

The video made us feel the love, alright -- and it also made us want to throw Eva a sweater in the last portion. Who wears a sheer top in the snow?!

Watch the will.i.am 'This Is Love' Video Feat. Eva Simons