will.i.am has released 'Go Home,' a new version of his Mick Jagger collaboration 'T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)' featuring additional electronic elements from DJ/producer Wolfgang Gartner.

The new track keeps some of the the spacey synths, but adds in a jangly guitar riff and a few "woohoo" chants that sound like they were inspired by Blur's 'Song 2.' Although 'Go Home' features a new verse from will, the track focuses on Jagger's vocals, which are lifted directly from 'T.H.E.'

In his hardest rap-sing voice, Jagger says, "Hard like rock n roll / Time bomb's ticking, explode / Baby this is dynamo / Better move back now, It’s bout to blow / Hard like geometry, trigonometry / This is crazy, psychology / Get it baby, I’m bout to win / Watch out now, I’m going in."

Jennifer Lopez does not appear on 'Go Home' -- probably a smart decision, since she didn't add much to 'T.H.E.' in the first place. 'Go Home' is only marginally better than 'T.H.E.,' and it's unlikely to be the smash hit will.i.am is probably hoping for. We're betting will has something better up his sleeve on his next album '#willpower,' due later this year.

Listen to will.i.am, 'Go Home' Feat. Mick Jagger + Wolfgang Gartner