will.i.am premiered his new single 'Reach for the Stars' from 'willpower' in the most publicity stunt of ways -- by broadcasting it on Mars via the NASA Curiosity Rover. Clever and conversation starting? Yes! But how does the song stand up? Will martians and earthlings love it?

It has an epic, instrumental opening for the first minute, but then, will gets all sorts of futuristic with vocal effects. He sounds like he is singing under water, thanks to his liberal use of Autotune.

The song's lyrics were written with an interplanetary themes, as will sings: "Why do they say the sky is the limit / When I seen them footprints on the moon / And I know the sky might be high / But baby it ain't really that high /And I know that Mars might be far / But baby it ain't really that far / Let's reach for the stars." He may seem like he is singing about space travel and exploration, but he's also popping off encouragement and inspiring people to never give up on their dreams, no matter how far away they may seem. It's not original stuff, but will sure encases the message in a unique and unconventional package.

He demands to see people put their hands up and then an elephant noise roars, right before a militaristic group starts a singalong about turning it up louder and flying like NASA.

will enjoyed some serious hits with the Black Eyed Peas via the whole 'The E.N.D.' record. But the follow up and his previous solo singles, like 'T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever),' stalled. So he's not recaptured the magic as a solo artist. Will this be the song to do it? We're not sure.

But there's something endearing about 'Reach for the Stars,' as it mixes orchestral with synthetic and futuristic. If you listen to it like 10 times, we promise you'll grow to dig it even more.

Listen to will.i.am 'Reach for the Stars'