His hometown heroes the Pittsburgh Steelers may not have been winners this season, but Wiz Khalifa was one tonight, snagging the Best New Artist Award at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.

Fellow Mary Jane enthusiast Miley Cyrus, wearing a dangerously low cut and short white hybrid jacket-dress (seriously, this was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen), presented the award to Wiz.

He chuckled as he took the mic, then thanked "God first, because God is amazing -- so amazing. I want to thank my mom, my dad, my family, everyone who let me do what I do to get to this point." Khalifa then thanked his label, radio reps, the DJs who spun his hits and, of course, "My beautiful fiancee, she puts up with all my crazy stuff." Too cute! The camera panned over to Amber Rose, who blushed, clapped and giggled. They really are adorable together. And believe it or not, her white dress was actually more modest than Miley's.

Wiz was clearly moved by the victory, even admitting, "I'm shakin' up here!" Unfortunately, though it appeared he had more people to thank, he was cut off by music and show runners. Come on guys, Zooey Deschanel's iPhone commercial can wait! Let the man speak.

Congrats, Wiz! We bet he'll get 'No Sleep' celebrating tonight.

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