'Boarding Pass,' a track from Wiz Khalifa's archives, is featured in a new Bing commercial that stars Bobby Brown — the freestyle skier, not the R&B singer.

The ad highlights Brown's high-flying exploits, with clips of the skier doing flips and twists in the air and a voiceover -- which says he wants to become the person to take his sport to the next level in terms of widespread fan interest.

The instrumental track from Khalifa's song plays in the background, its icy synth organ beats serving as the perfect soundtrack for the snowy video. While the music plays, Bing promotes its search engine by strategically placing words on the screen that end in "ing," like exploding, soaring and training.

'Boarding Pass' appeared on Khalifa's 2009 mixtape 'Flight School,' which he recorded while waiting for Warner Bros. Records to release his debut album. The label never did allow Khalifa to put out a full album. Instead, they dropped him, giving him the freedom to sign with Atlantic, where he released 'Rolling Papers.'

Watch the Bing Ad Featuring Wiz Khalifa's 'Boarding Pass'