After his first single 'Work Hard, Play Hard,' reached gold status, Wiz Khalifa is taking it to the streets with his follow-up single, 'It's Nothing' featuring everybody's go-to rapper 2 Chainz.

The track was produced by Drumma Boy, who is mostly known for his production work with Chris Brown. He creates an eerie sound that consists of a thudding beat, haunting synth riffs and hand claps. On the song, Wizzy simply brags about his wealth and health.

"Make a 100K, spend it all today / What can I say, my DNA is Givenchy / What my swag is, retarded / What I'm driving, Ferrari / What I'm rocking, Armani, Gianni, Versace, huh / F--- around and I'll buy one of you broke n---as," he raps.

2 Chainz follows up with braggadocios rhymes about cash, weed and scandalous women. "It ain't nothin' to me but it's somethin' to you / Countin money like it's somethin' to do / Summertime I'm like f --- the roof, wintertime I'm in [Polo] boots / And uh, it's nothin' / I like being high because it's a better view / And, I told your ho my chain so cold it's on Theraflu," he spits.

As you can hear, it's nothing for Wiz to drop a hot street banger for the summer. The song should keep his #TeamTaylor fans happy, especially those who weren't feeling his pop-driven first single.

'It's Nothin'' will appear on Wiz Khalifa's second album 'O.N.I.F.C.,' which is set to hit stores on Aug. 28

Listen to Wiz Khalifa, 'It's Nothin' Featuring 2 Chainz