A disgusted woman exposed her partner's gross habits, asking, "Is this normal?"

Being a "picky eater" and being a "picker" who eats their own snot, ear wax and eye crust are two different beasts. However, that's the situation one woman is dealing with in her relationship — and her partner doesn't see anything wrong with his icky behavior.

"Does anyone else's partner eat their own snot, ear wax and sleepies?" the anonymous woman asked on parenting forum Mumsnet.

"Apologies in advance for using the word sleepies," she added. "That's just what I know it as (crusty bits in the corner of eyes when you wake up)."

The woman continued that her partner "thinks the fact I'm disgusted is unreasonable as most people do this and others don't bat an eyelid."

"REALLY?" she asked, unconvinced.

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Mumsnet users reacted unanimously in the comments.

"Beyond gross," one user wrote.

"I'm going to hazard a guess most people DON'T do this?" another user commented.

"Oh my god. I am retching just reading this," someone else shared.

"Oh my gosh, I was nearly sick. That is so disgusting. I actually wouldn't be able to be with him. Oh, that's so, so, so gross!" another horrified person wrote.

"Is your partner an Orangutan?" yet another user asked.

The exasperated OP [original poster] responded in the comments section.

"I'm so glad it's not just me that finds it so disgusting! I have been quite repulsed. I can't even bear the thought of kissing him!" she wrote. "Why the hell does he think it's so normal? I am actually wondering if I can get past this!"

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