A woman claims her sister-in-law blackmailed her after she caught her having an affair.

Sharing her story with 9Honey, the woman explained that she had a tryst with a man from her gym — who just so happened to be her sister-in-law's personal trainer.

The woman's sister-in-law eventually caught them red-handed while out on a date. Though the woman initially assumed her sister-in-law would tell her husband, instead, she "basically bribed" her in order to keep her mouth shut.

The woman agreed and used her inheritance to pay for her sister-in-law's silence.

"She called me the next day and said I had two choices — she could either call Jason and tell him I'm a cheater, or I could pay her for her silence. Emma had hit financial hard times when her jewelry business failed. She basically bribed me into giving her a large sum of money that I'd recently inherited from my father so she could keep her business going. In return, she has promised to stay quiet about my affair," the anonymous woman shared.

After agreeing to her sister-in-law's terms, the woman and her lover ended their affair.

"I know I got what I deserved and I should stop feeling sorry for myself. I definitely deserved to be treated badly as after all, I was cheating and I'm ashamed of myself," she continued.

While the woman knows she was wrong for cheating on her husband, she's nevertheless shocked by her "dreadful" sister-in-law's manipulation.

"While I know I've been a bad person, I also believe Emma is a dreadful person to bribe me. What sort of person puts money over her brother knowing the truth?" she said.

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