A pregnant woman's friend was offended after finding out she Photoshopped the friend's young son out of her special baby shower photos.

"I just had my baby shower and I tried really hard to make it a women’s only event in the beginning besides my [5-year-old] son. It was small and only having friends and family but everyone started inviting along their husbands/boyfriends and their children. Finally, I said whatever to avoid conflict and I had my fiancé come to the shower as well," she shared on Reddit.

"When it came time to open presents I had told my son previously that he could help me open some for his baby brother and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some really cute photos of me, my son, and my fiancé in front of the balloon arch and decorations," she explained, adding she was taken aback when one of her guests insisted their own 6-year-old son help open gifts as well.

"Another little boy who is close with my son eagerly asked his mom 'Can I open presents too?!' To which his mom replied 'Oh! That sounds like a great idea! Go ask!' and when the little boy ran up to me I didn’t know how to tell him no. My mom and my friend tried speaking to his mom quietly without the kid hearing but she insisted I 'wouldn’t mind,'" the pregnant woman continued on Reddit.

Ultimately, the little boy opened most of her gifts and ended up "in every photo."

"Nobody got any photos of just me and my small family because this kid would not leave my son's side (they’re friends so I get it). I bit my tongue and sucked it up and later used Photoshop to remove the other kid so I could have a photo of just me, my son, and my fiancé," she revealed.

However, after seeing the photos online, the little boy's mom became "very upset" and is now offended the pregnant woman "excluded" her son from the photos.

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Users in the comments rallied behind the woman and slammed the other mom for not taking a hint.

"The other mother is out of line and needs to develop some common sense. You’re too nice, I would’ve booted that kid away after he opened one present. It’s not her event, her child has no right to be involved at all," one person wrote.

"I would ask the mother why she thinks it's appropriate for her small child to be in another's family photos. Like I could never," another chimed in.

"Honestly, I'd have told him 'I don't know why your mom thinks it's okay to open others presents, but it's not. Could you go back to your mother now? I want some pictures of my son and his father,'" someone else commented.

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