A woman on Reddit is frustrated after multiple people, including family and friends, made snarky comments about the size of her engagement ring.

"I love my ring, and even more so the human that proposed to me with it. This is the ring I wanted, but I’m surprised how many comments I’ve gotten about it being small. When we first got engaged my mom said 'it’s nice but it’s kind of small?' Because my sister's ring is almost double the size (and price)," she explained.

"Another time when I went to try on wedding dresses, the sales associate asked to see my ring and said 'oh…it’s very petite.' I’m so confused," the newly engaged woman continued on Reddit.

The woman's ring is a "1.2c natural diamond with 0.36c in the band."

See her engagement ring, below:

u/headintheclouds122 via Reddit

The woman says her friends are also "underwhelmed" by her ring, and when one of them recently got engaged and received a bigger ring, their other pals wouldn't stop comparing the two.

"I shouldn’t care at ALL because I adore my ring and love how thoughtful my fiancé was in picking it out, but for some reason it still bothered me. Why do people make comments like that! What’s the purpose?" she asked Reddit.

The woman concluded her post by admitting the negative comments about her engagement ring's size have started to "irritate" her.

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Users in the comments section tried to comfort the frustrated woman.

"People have lost their damn minds when it comes to stone size these days," one person wrote.

"Ignore those comments. The size of your ring is not the measure of the size of your fiancé's love. It's very pretty [by the way]," another chimed in.

"Like, what do people expect?? A real diamond the size of a damn ring pop?? I actually WANT a 'smaller' stone. I don’t wear rings a lot and I don’t really do my nails for practicality’s sake. I also like dainty jewelry. Your ring is absolutely beautiful and the perfect size for me, personally. But also, it’s not small by any stretch of the word," someone else commented.

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