The debut trailer for DC's highly (highly highly highly...) anticipated and long (long long long...) awaited Wonder Woman movie premiered at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday (July 23), and the film looks awesome.

Starring Gal Gadot as Amazon princess and warrior Diana, the titular Wonder Woman, the nearly 3-minute promo reveals that the upcoming feature film will chronicle Diana's journey as she travels from her home in mythic Themyscira into the world of men after encountering a mortal man (Chris Pine) washed up on her shore. What she finds, naturally, is war.

During Warner Bros.' H Hall panel on Saturday, Gadot explained that the heart of the movie will be "a story of a girl becoming a woman," reported The Hollywood Reporter.

"Diana grew up in [the isolated island of] Themyscira where she was very safe and very protected," she added. "She thought she knew everything about the world. When she go to the world of men, she realizes there is so much more that she doesn't understand."

The actress made her first appearance as the iconic feminist superhero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where her scene-stealing character fought alongside Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman and Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Superman. Gadot will also portray the character in the upcoming Justice League film, which is currently filming.

Wonder Woman is due to hit theaters June 2, 2017. Watch the first high-octane trailer for the film below... and try not to completely lose it when the epic theme song kicks in:

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