Ally Brooke, 18, knows what she wants. The singer performed an extended play version of Jaci Velasquez's 'On My Knees' on 'X Factor' at tonight's (Sept. 19) Austin, Texas auditions. In her pre-performance interview package, she said she wants the perfume, the clothing line and the superstardom. This proclamation of her future empire was said all before she even sang a note. So how did she do?

She brimmed with (a little too much) confidence and she did hit most of her notes, but the ones that she missed? Those were enough to make a dog howl. She definitely needs to work on some of her higher registers.

When the music cut out and her time was up, she didn't stop. She sang a cappella rather competently and Simon Cowell had to stage an intervention and cut her off, since she would have Energizer Bunny'ed it and kept going and going and going.

The judges loved her, though, since her high points outweighed the few low ones. Britney Spears deemed her Broadway worthy due to the theatrical nature of her voice. Brit Brit was spot on with that assessment, since Brooke reminded us of a younger ingénue version of Lea Michele. Cowell thinks she is a future star.

Every judge threw a "yes" at Ally Brooke.