Welcome to PopCrush's first-ever Battle of the Brits! It seems like more and more artists from the U.K. are breaking through not only in their native countries and Stateside, but all over the world. With so many British and Irish artists making waves as of late, like Adele, One Direction, Jessie J, Rita Ora and Calvin Harris, we thought it was about time to crown the greatest U.K. artist of 2013. 

We've broken it down into four categories -- Pop Solo, Groups + Bands, Singer-Songwriters and Electronic -- for you, the readers, to vote on. In Round 1 of the competition, there are eight nominees in each category, with groups of two pairing off for versus battles. From there, fans can vote for their favorite artist, with the winners of each versus poll advancing on to another round. We'll eventually be left with one winner, and this person (or group) will be crowned as the greatest U.K. artist of 2013!

Check out all of the nominees below, and click through on the buttons to start voting in the versus polls in each category. Round 1 will close on July 17 at 2PM EST, so don't delay!