Amber Holcomb rocked the stage of ‘American Idol’ tonight (April 3) with her rendition of Heart’s ‘What About Love’ – an appropriate song choice, given that the famed Seattle-based band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in just a few weeks.

“That was a really, really good song choice. The key change was killer,” commented judge Keith Urban. Nicki Minaj continued the heartfelt words of praise by saying, “It was striking. You look striking tonight, and the set around you just complimented you so well ... The first line of the song out of your mouth just completely melted me. This has to be my favorite of the night so far.”

“You didn’t lose Amber in there,” agreed Randy Jackson. “You really found yourself in it. I can hear the little Houstonisms in there, the little Whitneyisms.”

Although this isn’t the young singer's first attempt to make it on ‘Idol,’ Mariah Carey mentioned that she loves being able to watch her grow and develop into the confident, striking artist that she’s clearly become.

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