On the latest edition of 'American Idol' (Feb. 15), there were 185 remaining contestants during Group Week and Solo Day, all split in 42 groups. Lyrical/verbal amnesia ran rampant throughout many of the groups. The sickness/flu was still hanging over the auditions like a plague. People were fainting and falling left and right, a la cut 'Idol' contestant Symone Black (aka the girl who fell off the stage two weeks ago). Doesn't anyone hydrate anymore?

The episode was split into the group performances and then solo performances, where some tough cuts had to be made. PopCrush has your recap with all of the happenings from tonight's episode.


The Bettys: They barked at each other and barfed thanks to the 'Idol' plague that infested the contestants. Their rendition of 'Hit 'Em Up Style' was weak. Only Jennifer Malsch and Cari Quoyeser made it through in groups.

Groove Sauce: The whole group went forward thanks to their rousing rendition of 'Hold On, I'm Comin.'' Reed Grimm, Nick Boddington, Creighton Fraker, Aaron Marcellus and Jen Hirsh employed some choreography and great harmony. [Watch Here]

6-7-9: Brielle von Hugel's overly opinionated mother was on site, dissing Kyle Crews, saying his voice is the weakest and that's bad since it's opening the number. The judges agreed, as he was sent home. Shannon Magrane is still safe.

The Make You Believers: 'More Than a Feeling' is the song they chose to "sing" and they were responsible for Patient 0, Amy Brumfield, who made everyone sick. Jacquie Cera fell, and complained she was dizzy. No one could remember the lyrics or how to carry a tune. Only Mathenee Treco stayed, with Brumfield going back to "Tentaessee." [Watch Here]

Those Girls and That Boy: They did Sugarland's 'Stuck Like Glue' and their fellow contestants and the judges yawned. Not one member made it through.

Area 451: There was no chemistry, with Imani Handy fainting. Johnny Keyser had the best voice and was the only one who will be back.

Hollywood Five: Teenagers Gabi Carrubba, Ariel Sprague, Eben Franckewitz, David Leathers, Jr. and Jeremy Rosado all went through because of their harmonizing prowess. [Watch Here]

M.I.T.: The "Most International Team" tried to be a democracy but they hated each other during the process. Pitch problems aside, they all got a chance to go through based on other things they judges have seen. Really? Heejun Han, Richie Law, Phillip Phillips and Jairon Jackson all got a stay of execution.

All the members of the groups that made it through then had to do some solo auditions.


Joshua Ledet: He brought soul to Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts.' He's a next rounder.

Colton Dixon: He is mohawked and played piano for Daughtry's 'What About Now.' Another round for him.

Phillip Phillips: He sang 'Wicked Game' and rendered it almost unrecognizable, but not in a bad way. He takes something familiar and makes it new each time, and that's a beautiful thing. We will see him again, too.

Jen Hirsh: She turned in a torchy version of 'Georgia on My Mind' and we will see her next round. [Watch Here]

Creighton Fraker: He has more soul than a shoe store. He's still alive in the competition.

Reed Grimm: He planned to go a capella, but that was against the rules so he had 30 minutes to come with another plan. He went through an arrangement with musical directors, called his mom and then played drums and jazzed up 'Georgia on My Mind.' He's moving on. [Watch Here]

Shannon Magrane: She sang 'What a Wonderful World' in an entirely new way. She's got diva pipes and at 16, she surprises us every time she sings. She's moving on again.

Skylar Laine: She was another fainter who got on the stage to do the Band Perry's 'You Lie.' She's moving on. [Watch Here]

Rachelle Lamb: She forgot the lyrics to Miranda Lambert's 'The House That Built Me" and isn't moving forward.

Adam Brock: He called himself "white chocolate" and also sang 'Georgia on My Mind.' He performed while carrying his grandfather's hanky for good luck, and it must've worked since Brock's moving on.

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