The new divas of 'American Idol,' Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, were about to pledge their allegiance to 'The Voice' before 'Idol' came calling. Us magazine reports that the superstars were originally considering taking temporary chairs on 'The Voice' for one season.

The opportunity arose when 'Voice' mentors Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green decided to sit out the upcoming season. Producers have said that mentors on the show are free to take a cycle off and return later, which both plan to do. Carey and Minaj were in talks to take over the two vacancies, which ultimately went to Usher and Shakira.

Carey and Minaj were on hand during the first taping of 'Idol' auditions over the weekend. While sources had reported the two were feuding, Mariah said it just wasn't true. "How are we gonna feud in two days? A feud takes a little longer to spread out [than that]," she said with a laugh. "It's fun, it's music, it's singing, it's laughter."

Choosing which singing competition show to sign up for is a tough call. 'Idol' is the more established brand and has a solid track record of producing platinum artists. 'The Voice' hasn't had many breakthrough stars yet, but it has the cool factor and seems to be on an upward trend ('The Voice' briefly overtook 'Idol' in the ratings last season.) Plus, who wouldn't love the chance to press that button and spin around on one of those chairs?

It seems as though Carey and Minaj opted for the more permanent position (and probably bigger payday) of 'Idol,' where they now sit on the panel with Randy Jackson and country singer Keith Urban. Did they make the right decision? Which show do you prefer?

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