Mark your calendars, Howard Stern fans. The biggest and most honest voice in American radio is coming to reality TV and making his 'America's Got Talent' debut on May 14 on NBC. Stern, who has has watched every season dutifully as a fan, is now sitting on the judge's panel. It's a role he has long sought and one that he certainly deserves.

Based on this 30-second preview spot, Stern, as we expected, will be infusing the show and the panel with honest, serious, considerate and funny commentary. He is not taking this gig lightly and the show will be better for it.

NBC is wisely promoting Stern-as-judge in the spot, where he admits to having watched every season previously.

Just don't expect Stern to be asking contestants to show their boobs. He will watch every act and offer his well-reasoned, measured opinion on their efforts.

In a series of clips from the auditions, Stern proclaims, "I am looking for extraordinary talent" and asks a performer, "Do we have enough to turn you into a million dollar act?" Clearly, he has a mission and that's to unearth a true talent.

He also holds up his paws and says: "Your fate rests in these hands" as the camera flashes to a smiling little girl.

The new season of 'AGT' will air on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Are you ready, America?

Watch the 'America's Got Talent' Preview