B.o.B lives large in Hong Kong in his new video for 'F---ed Up.' That's right, the song is called 'F---ed Up.' Hey, Cee Lo Green has proven that having the F-word in a song title isn't a barrier to success, so why not go there?

While you might assume from the title that B.o.B is getting wasted throughout the video, like Drake in the 'Marvin's Room' clip, that's actually not the case. Sure, the 'Airplanes' rapper downs some shots and mixed drinks, but most of the video shows Bobby Ray enjoying the nightlife (and the girls) of the Chinese city-state.

"I got a girl, she got a girl / We do 'em both concurrently," he raps. "I wanna see them lips move, and I ain't talking verbally."

The video includes an appearance by featured artist Playboy Tre, who also raps with B.o.B in the 'Epic' video. Tre joins B.o.B on a ferry, and they both spit rhymes with the Hong Kong skyline behind them. The two men attract a lot of attention -- mostly smiles and waves -- as they wander through the busy streets at night.

The video is similar stylistically to B.o.B's 'High Life' video, which depicted the rapper in a rooftop pool in Singapore with ladies on each arm. The country may have changed, but the plot is the same: B.o.B is enjoying every minute of his success.

'F---ed Up' is expected to appear on B.o.B's next studio album, 'Strange Clouds.' That record will also feature a collaboration with Andre 3000.

Watch the B.o.B 'F---ed Up' Video Feat. Playboy Tre