If you haven't seen the video for 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),' welcome to our planet. The rest of you have likely seen not only Beyonce's original, but all the comical remakes -- though we have to say they were all worth it just to witness Justin Timberlake in a leotard and heels.

The inspiration for the buzzy, black and white video was a 1969 Bob Fosse routine called 'Mexican Breakfast,' but Beyonce wanted the choreography to be simple enough that anyone could try it. And by now, pretty much everyone has... but nobody can nail these moves like Bey.

It was also so beloved by Kanye West that he took leave of his senses at the 2009 MTV VMAs after Taylor Swift beat 'Single Ladies' for Best Female Video, storming the stage during her acceptance speech and delivering that infamous outburst that made his name "mud" to many members of the musical community.

Bey was so horrified by the whole episode that when she won Video of the Year later that night, she relinquished her own stage time to let Swift come up and continue the speech she never got to finish -- proving that maybe the name of the song should've been 'Classy Ladies' after all.