Yesterday, pop star and former 'Glee' actress Charice revealed she was gay. Today, we get to meet her new girlfriend. So, who is the lucky lady? That'd be Alyssa Quijano, a member of the Filipina girl group AKA Jam, who Charice proudly introduced the world to during a press conference.

The two ladies have a somewhat storied history together. They first met at a local singing competition as rival vocalists. A few years down the road, and Charice was a judge on the Filipino version of 'X Factor,' while Alyssa was a contestant. Charice told the press (via Ace Showbiz), "She's like my everything."

Charice gushed about her girlfriend saying she was more than just her significant other, but a sister and a best friend too. At the press conference, the two reportedly wore promise rings and the former 'Glee' actress got a tattoo in her boo's honor -- a quote from 'Twilight' that reads, "Let’s start with forever." They are totally in love!

In her interview with The Buzz on Sunday, Charice said (via Radar Online), "Now, I feel free. I can go out of the house without fear and be certain that I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes." Go girl!

Charice's girlfriend Alyssa Quijano is quite the songstress herself! Be sure to watch the video below of Alyssa performing the Destiny's Child hit 'Say My Name' with her group AKA Jam.

Watch AKA Jam Perform Destiny's Child 'Say My Name'