Charice has dropped the new video for 'Louder,' which appears on her recently released sophomore album 'Infinity.' The video -- which premiered on the Japanese television channel Space Shower TV -- has less going on than her previous clip for 'One Day,' with Charice acting as the main player of the 'Louder' video rather than having a huge cast.

For such an uptempo song, the 'Louder' video is surprisingly on the simpler side. Charice's outfits change, but not much goes on in the video except for her singing and a few dance routines. At one point, Charice stares out a rainy window as she emotionally sings, and in another part she stands in front of a decorative beaded curtain.

The 'Louder' video might appear to mundane to some, but for true Charice fans, seeing the songstress sing and dance is one always a treat. Although we enjoyed watching Charice partake in hardcore choreographed routines, we hope that her next video incorporates more of a theme, since this one seemed a bit bland to us.

Watch the Charice 'Louder' Video