In her brand new single, 'Louder, Charice pledges to take a painful breakup and make it a music-driven 'chin up' movement.

"I don't need no shoulder / I'm gonna be a soldier," the 19-year-old singer professes, before leading into a catchy, breathy chorus:

"I'm just gonna run right through the rain / I'm just gonna dance right through the pain / I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum / Let my heart beat louder / Let my heart speak louder than my head."

Music can improve anyone's mood, and Charice lets the rhythm guide her out of her funk. She actually comes to terms with the soiled love affair pretty quickly, and vows to keep marching on because it's the right thing to do. Right on!

Like Charice, 'Louder' is destined for greatness as the feel-good anthem of the summer. As for the Filipino singer/songwriter/'Glee' star, she's paving the way for future teen pop icons with a positive attitude -- and we can't wait to see how she blossoms in the industry.

'Louder,' as well as an additional track called 'Lost the Best Thing,' are available for download on iTunes now.

Listen to Charice, 'Louder'