The Saturdays are the biggest girl group in Britain right now, with 11 Top 10 singles, but they have America squarely in their sights. They tell us in the opening segment of the premiere (Jan. 20) of their E! reality show 'Chasing the Saturdays' that their biggest dream has always been to make it in America. Too bad they p---ed America off before they really even arrived!

Uh oh. What'd they do? Nothing criminal, so relax. They showed too much skin in their visa photos, which were recycled from an album shoot.

They arrive at their digs, a luxury tower in downtown Los Angeles, and immediately fight over which Saturday has the most closet space. Oh, the perils and intraband tension triggers of girl groups!

We meet them and they introduce themselves. Here's the Reader's Digest version of who's who in the Saturdays:

Mollie, the beautiful and bubbly blonde, is the "Disney character," but she says she doesn't think life is a fairytale despite seeing the good in situations. She's the optimist and the only single member of the group. Look out! She's also presented as the de facto leader of the Sats.

Frankie, who rocks short and punky brown hair, has been in the music industry since she was 11, so it's all she knows and all she loves. She has been battling depression since she was a teenager, and immediately becomes homesick. We learn she is a bit up and down with her emotions, and relies on cuddling with Mollie to lift her spirits. We predict she'll be the moody one and a source of drama throughout the series.

Una is from Ireland and she is married to a rugby player named Ben, and mother to a new daughter Aoife Belle, who is so cute we can't stand it. Those cheeks! Her mother Ann is living in their apartment in the tower so she can watch her granddaughter while Una works. She has a unique set of circumstances and is the show's working mom and is apart from her husband while she attempts to make it in America, which makes her instantly relatable.

Vanessa is the youngest member and likes being spontaneous and "going to parties," but hates the hangover. Watch out for this one. She's positioned the "bad" girl, or the Scary Spice, if you will.

Rochelle recently got married to Marvin from the boy band JLS, and she is the "mom" of the group. Adorbs!

The girls interact with their manager Peter, a patient, patient man, who shares the good news that his charges are going to the VMAs and have been invited to perform for Perez Hilton at an afterparty, which is their first show on U.S. soil.

Other episode drama? They battle with their faboo choreographer, since they are jet lagged and working on a new routine for the party. Oh, and Frankie hates her couch, which any one of us would be fine napping on or having in our homes.

The Saturdays are pretty, sexy and hot, and immensely likeable. It's hard to hate on 'em. The show isn't just a promotional vehicle to build their name recognition in the States. We really do get to know the ladies as their charmed lives play out on screen.

Part 2 of premiere airs on Jan. 21 at 10PM ET on E!