We'd all but forgotten about Hawaii's claim to fame, Cheesa -- and the rest of Team Cee Lo -- until she launched 'The Voice' live shows on Monday supporting her home state with Thelma Houston's 'Don't Leave Me This Way.'

Backstage, just prior to her performance, Cee Lo Green moaned about the Cheesa hate he'd heard on Twitter after he chose her over fan favorite Angie Johnson in the live battles. The contestant felt the pain of the buzz too, but promised she'd be back with a vengeance tonight. "I'm ready to just prove my place here," she said.

Cheesa kicked off her classic-turned-contemporary number on a platform, sporting her girliest Easter colors while a mock episode of 'Dancing With the Stars' swirled around her. As she made her way down the stairs, she made her way into America's heart with her growliest wails, shaking 'The Voice' stage and the judges' chairs -- country crooner Blake Shelton not excluded.

"I loved that. that was like watching … solid gold," Shelton said after she finished 'Don't Leave Me This Way.' "That had Cee Lo written all over it."

"That did have Cee Lo written all over it," Adam Levine chimed in, adding in a few more in-depth remarks. "I think the only problem is there are so many great singers and the competition is crazy. What's going to make it so distinct?"

While he wasn't too wowed, Cheesa's judge was. Cee Lo, of course, thought his "Cheesa baby" did wonderfully and laid down a total, "electrifying" success.

Besides, it's not up to Adam Levine. Cheesa will face the ultimate no-holds-barred decision maker: American voters.

Watch Cheesa Perform 'Don't Leave Me This Way' on 'The Voice'