Christina Aguilera's classically trained opera singer was out to prove he wasn't just a one-trick contestant on 'The Voice.' Chris Mann was right to not worry about his performance from a vocal standpoint. The 29-year-old's challenge was connecting with the audience while singing 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon and Garfunkel.

The choice was a surprise in that the song isn't one that requires a big voice. That's exactly why Aguilera and Mann settled on the 1970 hit. The dark-haired singer stuck to his plan of not hiding behind his big voice. His performance was fit for Broadway.

“That’s why this show is so awesome,” Mann told the Hollywood Reporter. “Because it lets me sort of not apologize for who I am and just sing.”

Cee Lo Green -- sporting a full head of hair as tonight's gimmick -- loved it. He sat in silence with a dopey grin on his face when Carson Daly asked for his opinion, and then finally uttered, "That was a wonderful performance." Adam Levine agreed.

"The song has been done so many times but what I loved about it was you truly owned it," Aguilera told her contestant. "Thank you for making me a proud coach." Mann was the second performer of the night, after Blake Shelton's contestant Jermaine Paul. Only members of Team Blake and Team Christina performed on Monday night, but they put on quite a show.

Watch Chris Mann Perform 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' on 'The Voice'