Chris Mann is the resident opera singer on 'The Voice.' He does something classic, which is a challenge for him, since all of his fellow contestants are doing such current songs.  So when he chose Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida,' under coach Christina Aguilera's suggestion, it certainly took people by surprise. But it was a smart choice. He was stepping outside of the box of familiarity and you cannot fault him for that.

Mann is the show's Josh Groban, a powerhouse singer with a bit of mainstream appeal.

Wearing a black suit, Mann was a charming, handsome gentleman. He didn't inject the song with any opera flourishes. Rather, he inserted some higher vocal parts, giving it that Chris Mann touch. It was successful. The guy can sing, so toning it down and keeping things at a non-opera range was not to his detriment.

Adam Levine felt that because Mann is an opera singer, he selfishly wanted to hear him sing some opera. That's a fair desire, but at the end of the day, Mann sang well and he steppe outside of the box and shed his comfort zone and did not falter while doing it.

Watch Chris Mann Perform 'Viva La Vida' on 'The Voice'