Disco diva Donna Summer succumbed to lung cancer this year. The songstress passed away in Florida on May 17, 2012, at the age of 63.

She was a true dancing queen, whose songs like ‘Last Dance,’ 'On the Radio,' 'Dim All the Lights' and ‘Hot Stuff’ are still played by wedding DJs across this great country of ours.

Summer was emblematic of an era – the disco-heavy ‘70s and ‘80s -- but she staged a comeback in the pop world in the late ‘80s with ‘She Works Hard for the Money.’ That’s because Summer had a gorgeous voice, one that transcended genres. She always knew how to make us dance, no matter what year or generation.

While some questions surrounded her death -- was she or wasn't she a smoker? -- Summer is sorely missed. Her music and memory will live on, however, on the dance floor.