Model Erin Martin, clad in what she described as "Egyptian warrior princess" gear, seemed an unlikely candidate for 'The Voice' -- in that she's so beautiful that you don't want to root for her. That is, until you hear her sing.

To be fair, Martin, who bears a striking resemblance to Diddy protege Cassie, didn't give viewers high hopes in her opening montage. "Major labels all said I needed development," Martin giggled. "I guess that means I need a coach, right?"

She came to the right place. Before she even began to sing, the sound of her heels caught the attention of Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green. Martin's smoky voice created a new feel for the Plain White T's' 'Hey There Delilah.' Her strange cadence and occasional randomly inserted British accent captivated the entire panel, but only motivated two judges to turn their chairs.

Shelton hit his button first, immediately followed by a clearly enamored Cee Lo, who actually bit his finger staring at her. Easy, pal! They weren't the only people who loved her. The crowd was on its feet, clapping along to the once-inescapable tune.

At the song's conclusion, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera were likely kicking themselves when they turned to see that Martin's the total package (and then some). "Cee Lo is so happy right now," Aguilera laughed.

Indeed he was. "You are a wonderful creature of a woman," Cee Lo purred, "and your voice is so unique and weird and beautiful. You clearly belong to me already, don't you agree?" Martin wasn't so quick to bite. She gave Shelton a chance to win her over, too.

"Your smile is contagious," Shelton told Martin. "Even Christina's smiling, and she never smiles!" After some bleeped out words from Xtina, he continued, "You're that special sound that I personally have never heard before, and I would love to work with you."

Even Levine, who didn't turn, only had praise for Martin. "I know my opinion doesn't matter," he admitted, "But I wanted to press my button, but I couldn't wrap my head around it," Levine said of her voice. "I was like, 'What is this? Oh my God, I don't know!'"

Martin had a tough choice to make: the country singer whose sound somewhat echoes hers, or the oddball who can expand her abilities creatively (and, if he had his way, probably lasciviously). "I picked you first," Blake reminded her.

At the end of the day, Martin teamed up with an over-the-moon Cee Lo, who walked her hand in hand offstage, getting possessive when she went to hug Shelton. "I think it's very fateful that we meet," Cee Lo said, grinning and petting his Persian cat. "She was sent to me. I deserve her."

Watch Erin Martin Sing 'Hey There Delilah' on 'The Voice'