Cee Lo Green's battle-round pairing felt more like a missing scene from 'The Rocky Horror Show' than anything previously seen on a reality television program. The exotic, wispy Erin Martin was pitted against the Shields Brothers, who are on a quest to "punch America in the face with rock 'n' roll." Together they performed Tina Turner's 'What's Love Got to Do With It' on Monday night's episode of 'The Voice.'


"We're a little scared of her, just because she's so different," Tristan and Rory admitted before rehearsals began. Martin also oozed with confidence when the camera was rolling. The Chicago-born former model probably didn't pick up many fans when she responded to Ne-Yo's critique that she wasn't feeling the song. Later she talked about why she was a better choice to move on.

"Power is not talent, it's just loud," she said.

The battle rang familiar to anyone who's made it through high school. It was like watching the captain of the cheerleading team share a stage with, well ... the Shields Brothers. The rock and roll duo are very loud, while Martin sings like a young Macy Gray.

All four judges seemed to appreciate the strange performance. For the first time, a battle actually felt like a battle. Martin almost seethed in her sexy boy-shorts and exaggerated shoulder pads when the Shields Brothers did something to please the audience. "That was so weird," Adam Levine said, adding that he'd pick the brothers if it were up to him.

"I f----in' loved it," Christina Aguilera said. Ultimately, Green chose the act he thought had the most potential: Martin. It be easy to say he fell for Martin's flirting and sexy style, but it's tough to argue that the punk-rockers wouldn't have difficultly adapting to a more diverse set of songs in future rounds.

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