Dressed as a whacked-out Cleopatra, Erin Martin sang the ultimate 80's song, 'Walk Like an Egyptian,' by the Bangles on 'The Voice.'  The performance was as disorienting as her outfit.

The former model hoped to be judged more on her voice than her looks, but the judges mostly focused on the aesthetic aspects of the confusing performance.  Even Erin acknowledged that her voice is an acquired taste, so we respect her self-awareness.  Coach Cee Lo thought she would win over a lot of her naysayers with this performance.

Entering on a throne surrounded by shirtless male dancers, the performance was a mess from the beginning.  The loudness of the band drowned out Erin's quiet vocals and she never rose above the elaborate staging surrounding her.  The beautiful singer tried to spice up the performance with some light dancing and a few 'whoo's' but it was dead on arrival.  The song was too fast for Erin and she often seemed breathless.  We did appreciate the entertainment factor she brought to the stage though, and you can't say she didn't try.

Carson Daly gave her a fatherly hug which she would need later as she seemed on the brink of tears.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine continued their endless bromance with Levine saying, "I think Blake just bought a one way ticket to Bonertown."  Moving right along, Christina Aguilera wanted Erin to bring it much more, and thought the movement was lacking.  Cee-Lo thought the staging was distracting and agreed with Aguilera.  He wanted Erin to be more aggressive, but was proud of her overall.

Watch Erin Martin Perform 'Walk Like an Egyptian' on 'The Voice'