When he's not partying with Beyonce or hanging out with bad girls and Wale, J. Cole is making cameos in other kinds of videos -- like Nike commercials.

J. Cole appears in a new spot for Nike basketball alongside Kevin Durant. In the 'Basketball Never Stops' clip, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward drives a van around Oklahoma City and plays with all sorts of characters under the night sky.

Backed by the legendary Sam Cooke's 'Let the Good Times Roll,' Durant's first stop is a court full of business men, followed by a family's front yard, a gymnasium full of senior citizens -- and then an outdoor court with Cole. Cole mimics Durant's pre-shot shimmy and the two laugh. Soon enough, Durant keeps moving, first to a church court with a preacher, then to a truck stop -- then into the OKC skyline.

The cameo is brief, but both charming and effective. J. Cole is usually busying making appearances on tracks and the top of the Billboard charts, but it's awesome to see him expand his horizons. Basketball never stops, and it's clear that J. Cole doesn't, either!

Watch J. Cole in the Nike 'Basketball Never Stops' Commercial