Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! The newly 18-year-old pop phenom celebrated with an interview on 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest,' where he discussed what he wants for his birthday and chatted up his new label mate, Carly Rae Jepsen.

When Seacrest wished Biebs a happy birthday, he thanked him graciously, then joked, "I feel so much different!" So what does Bieber want for his b-day? “I think that I am going to get another place in L.A., but other than that, that’s about it,” he said simply. He's pretty happy to not have a curfew anymore, too!

Biebs revealed how his Oscar bit came about (pretty easily!) and how much fun he had doing it, as well as dishing on his new album. "We've just been working with a lot of cool people and trying to create the best sound for me. I'm now 18, so I'm trying to get an older audience while keeping a younger audience," he explained. "We just want to make good music that everyone can like and everyone can vibe to." Based on his Far East Movement feature, we think he's well on his way! Bieber also revealed that while he's working with some big names (oh hey, Timbaland!), he's also got new, up-and-coming artists on hand as well. "We're working with names that people aren't familiar with, so we can create something completely different."

Biebs dished on his favorite girl (besides Selena Gomez, that is!), Jepsen, including how that silly video clip came about. “We were at Carlos’ from Big Time Rush for a bit, and then some of it was at my house, backstage, just a bunch of different places.” Bieber is super excited to be working with Jepsen and to sign new artists, but don't expect a long roster from him just yet. “I looked her up and I saw that she wasn’t signed, and so I signed her,” he explained (sounds simple enough!). “Right now, I am focusing on one [artist] at a time and making sure that I focus on one person," Bieber said. "That’s what Usher did with me, and he helped me tremendously."

Jepsen joined the conversation shortly after. How did she react when she heard Bieber was looking into her music? “Shock and awe and a lot of gratitude,” she gushed. Hearing her song on the radio has felt pretty similar. “Kind of hard to believe," she said. "It’s really, really exciting, it’s what I’ve been working for. So, it’s great.”

Bieber also dished some dirt on that bottom-lip tattoo rumor, along with whispers of an engagement to Sel. Listen below to get all the scoop!

Listen to Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen on 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest'