Ouch! As if he didn't have enough drama on his 19th birthday, Justin Bieber also had to deal with getting dissed by his ex, Selena Gomez.

Hollywood Life reports that Bieber was particularly depressed at his big 1-9 when his birthday party didn't shake out the way he'd have liked -- that whole "Jaden Smith being only 14 years old" thing got in the way. (Biebs denied this later on, but sources insist it's true.)

In addition, Lil Twist got pulled over in one of Biebs' rides back stateside while Bieber got booed when he started a concert late at the O2 Arena, further making his time across the pond a very "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" ordeal.

A bummed out Biebs reportedly hit up Gomez to vent his frustrations, and she just shut him out.

“Justin texted Selena about how depressed he was about his birthday party being a disaster, but she just ignored him,” a source said. “She’s been laughing about his ridiculous outfits and thinks he’s just being needy. She’s moving on and having fun with all of her friends and family -- she doesn't have time for him.”

Previous reports have said Gomez has been worried about Bieber's behavior since their split, but it looks like she's way past that now.

While we give props to Sel for finally moving on, that's gotta sting for poor Biebs. Here's hoping Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke was better able to cheer him up!

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