Justin Bieber is mad as h-e-double-hockey-sticks and he's not gonna take it anymore.

The 'Believe' singer took to Instagram to vent about the press, the rumors and his frustrations with both -- and to take a shot at fallen starlet-turned-professional hot mess Lindsay Lohan.

Bieber's come under a lot of criticism and speculation lately: He's had a hospital stint, been booed onstage, cancelled a show, had the "worst birthday" ever, had a shady pal crash another one of his expensive cars, lashed out at a really rude paparazzo, been added to a distasteful death pool, even been the subject of another murder plot -- it hasn't been an easy time. And having that constantly played out, rehashed and analyzed can't be making it any easier on the Canadian cutie.

Before Bieber posted the above message to his followers, he posted the one transcribed below -- which wasn't quite as nice, but had the same theme -- then deleted it.

"I'm tired of all the countless lies in the press right now. Saying I'm going to rehab and how my family is disappointed in me. My family is beyond proud. If Anyone believes I need rehab, that's their own stupidity.

I'm 19 with five No. 1 albums, 19 and I've seen the whole world. 19 and I've accomplished more than I could've ever dreamed of, I'm 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning. I know my talent level and I know I got my head on straight. I know who I am and I know who I'm not. My message is to to believe.

I honestly don't care if you don't believe in me because I believe in me, and look where that's gotten me so far. I'm writing this with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Letting you know first hand how I feel rather than have these stories linger. I'm a good person with a big heart. And don't think I deserve all of this negative press I've worked my a-- off to get where I am, and my hard work doesn't stop here. I'm growing up finding myself while having people watch me and criticize me everyday. I think I'm doing pretty d--- good.

And to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan, look at her 2012 tax statements."

Tell us how you really feel, Biebs!

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