Season 8 winner Kris Allen had a homecoming. The Arkansas native performed his new single 'The Vision of Love' from the forthcoming 'Thank You Camellia' on the live elimination episode of 'American Idol' tonight (April 19). No, it wasn't a cover of Mariah Carey's debut single, either!

Allen's groovy and sweetly endearing performance helped cut through some of the tension of the results show, since the judges spent their sole save last week and there will be no more casting of lines to reel an eliminated contestant back to the thick and throes of the competition. Someone was going home, so Allen's soothing pop was a nice way to take the edge off for at least four minutes.

Allen demonstrated why he won the 'Idol' title during his season, seated at a rotating wooden piano while he sang his easy, breezy new anthem, which had a '70s singer-songwriter feel. This is the kind of song you want to crank when the top is down, the windows are open and the day starts out at 85 degrees. The singer has such an effortless performance style and obviously loves what he does. It doesn't hurt that he is incredibly easy on the eyes, too. Bring him home to mom, stat.

After the first verse and chorus, Allen ejected himself from his piano seat and engaged the crowd, tapping fans' hands across the front row.

We are happy to be hearing more from Kris Allen in the coming months, as 'Camellia' is out on May 22.

Watch Kris Allen Perform 'The Vision of Love' on 'American Idol'