We wonder what Simon Cowell has to say about this! Lana Del Rey, who has come under a ton of fire for her lackluster 'Saturday Night Live' performance, is slated to perform on 'American Idol.'

Del Rey's name appeared on the tickets for this Thursday's (March 15) results show. Demi Lovato and Daughtry are also slated to perform. However, Del Rey's performance will not air live -- the 'Video Games' singer's set will be pretaped for a future results show.

The pretaping of Del Rey's segment is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows. The singer's 'SNL' debut was both heavily hyped and widely panned, with Del Rey herself telling press she "not a showstopper," but that she thinks she "sang fine."

On the bright side, Del Rey's return to the public eye will be a good way for her to regain faith from her handlers as well as her fans. When her tour was cancelled in February, many speculated it was because Del Rey simply wasn't ready for live audiences. Thankfully, her live shows last month nixed many of her naysayers.We just think it'll be interesting to watch Del Rey perform on the same stage that birthed vocal powerhouse Kelly Clarkson.