Mama June Shannon is speaking out amid allegations that she is back with her daughter Anna's molester, telling E! News that "the protection of my kids is my number one priority."

June -- who is reportedly back together with her ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel, a man who spent 10 years in jail for molesting Anna as a child -- was caught by an E! reporter outside of her McIntyre, Georgia home, where she briefly addressed the disturbing situation.

"We are handling this as a family matter," June explained on camera. "I love my family, and the protection of my kids is my number one priority."

She also repeated multiple times that "the truth will come out." You can watch the video here.

In the video, an E! source claims Mama June's children have differing opinions on McDaniel. Lauryn "Pumpkin" (who recently took to Instagram to slam her uncle for "selling false stories") reportedly "looks to Mark as a father" as he raised her as a kid. Alana "Honey Boo Boo" allegedly "only" likes McDaniel because Pumpkin does, and Jessica "Chubbs" is "not a fan." Anna, aka "Chicakdee," has been outspoken about her disgust for her molester and the betrayal of her mother now that she is allegedly dating him.

To add to the horrific situation, Pumpkin's father was allegedly a sex offender as well. And according to Radar Online, she was just three years old when she was forced to watch McDaniel molest her older sister Anna.

Despite Mama June's claims that she hasn't seen McDaniel since he was released from prison, TMZ has obtained multiple photographs of her with him -- including one picture of him interacting with June's youngest daughter, Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo). Alana's father, Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson, will reportedly not fight for custody for his daughter, because he does not feel equipped to care for her. Still, a source told E! News that Sugar Bear is "torn apart by this. He is very concerned for Alana and the girls and he has no idea what the hell June is thinking right now."

Sugar Bear, Mama June and Honey Boo Boo were most recently photographed Halloween shopping together. Sugar Bear and Mama June -- who split in September --were reportedly holding hands.