Miley Cyrus can't be stopped.

The newly punky pop princess performed on the outdoor stage of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in Los Angeles last night (June 25) and jetted, literally, across the country to NYC to perform on a rooftop for 'Good Morning America' this AM (June 26). She barely stopped for a breath, but like the consummate pro that she is, she nailed every note.

So it was a wake-up cup of Miley Cyrus for breakfast TV watchers. She wore a sparkly black tank with the words "I Heart NY" on the front, high-waisted white shorts and knee-high black boots, which was an inherently sultry ensemble that was magnified by the singer's hotness.

She proceeded to get raunchy with her dancers, bumping and grinding against their nether regions.

Her dancing provided a better jolt than any dose of caffeine! Cyrus even slapped one of her dancers on the butt. She's a bad, bad girl.

Cyrus also performed 'Fall Down,' as she did on 'Kimmel!,' and with an assist from since it's his tune. Cyrus twerked a little during their perf, too, since that's become her signature move.

She was asked about her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth, to which she said, ""I'm wearing a ring, so. . ."

End. Of. Story.

When asked if 'We Can't Stop' and the accompanying video are too over-the-top with their sexiness, Cyrus shot down such nonsense, chalking such commentary up to stodgy critics, saying, "No, then [the critics] haven’t partied in a while. They haven’t been to a good party in a minute. For me, I was excited when the song came out, but I really wanted the music video to come because it shows exactly where I was at that time in my life, when we started working on ‘We Can’t Stop.' The video’s based off true events. Some funny things have gone down in my life, so it’s just been great, letting people see that — not just the glammed up beauty shot girl because that’s not who I am."

Cyrus also noted, "Everyone grows up and you slowly become who you are." Amen, sista!

She has become Miley the dirty girl and she is happy, so that's all that matters. She can't stop... And won't.