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PopCrush has teamed up with Nikki Williams for 'My Confessional Mondays' for the next month or so. Every Monday, we'll start your week off with a bang as we will deliver a new, in-depth video diary where you will get to know Ms. Williams, who is currently setting the pop music world alight with her single 'Glowing,' on a more intimate and deeper level.

In the first episode, Williams is on the road, doing a radio interview in NYC, and is asked a very important question, one we are dying to know the answer to: Who is Nikki Williams?

"I'm a crazy chick, I'm just here to entertain you," she said. But Nikki Williams is so much more than that.

The singer and songwriter --she penned Demi Lovato's smash 'Heart Attack' -- shares how her parents moved across the world from their native South Africa to the U.S. to allow their daughter to pursue her dream.

She reveals her grandmother encouraged her -- that reminds us of Rihanna, who was also close to her gram.

Williams also confesses -- since these are confessionals -- that she was inspired by powerhouse female vocalists like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, but that her music is a blend of dance, rock and soul, which is who she is on the inside.

Get to know Nikki Williams via this clip. We'll be back next Monday with another glimpse into her world, work and life. Stay tuned.